Airless Runner Pro 7 Complete with R-LinePack striping kit

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Airless R-LinePack Striping Accessory

VEZOS strongest hydraulic airless paint spray, Runner Pro 7, offers an outstanding 260 bar working pressure, to tackle the toughest jobs. Equipped with a hard chromed hydraulic slow stroke pump, with large sized fluid inlets, for heavy materials. VEZOS Runner Pro 7 transforms in application, with a simple line striping kit, painting contractors can offer clients a professional line striping job, without purchasing an extra unit.

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striping accessory


Edition Includes:

Runner Airless Hydraulic Sprayer Pro7 1 piece
R-LinePack Cart 1 piece
R-LinePack Steering - Spraying Control 1 piece
Paint Suction Hose Kit 1 piece
Paint Hose 1/4" 15 Meters
R-LinePack Pointer Kit Long 1 piece
Line Striping Tip 2 piece

Airless Striping R-LinePack applications:

Parking Lots
Large Construction Sites
Local Road Marking
Road Stencil
Road Sign Marking


VEZOS with the Runner Hydraulic Airless Sprayers has managed to eliminate all competition in the airless industry, by designing and offering first to the construction market a hydraulic texture & paint sprayer that not only converts in power but also in application. One unit with several potentials!

R-LinePack is a Runner Airless Accessory transforming the hydraulic texture and paint sprayer into a VEZOS line striping sprayer within seconds. No need to purchase an additional unit, VEZOS Runner and R-LinePack is a cost efficient solution to contractors that want to give a proper ending to the project they are working on.

After finishing the texture and paint job contractors can now offer their clients a prefect parking lot or road stencil marking without purchasing a seperate unit. Simply by transforming their existing Runner Sprayer with an easy to adapt accessory.

The R-LinePack clicks onto the Runner Airless Sprayer and locks witout any extra tools.

VEZOS instant change Suction Paint Hose Kits, converts the Runner Hydraulic Airless Sprayer from a direct immerce pump to a paint hose suction method, no tools needed, exchange is done on the spot. Roll the Runner Airless into the R-LinePack and use the foot lock to secure the kit into place. Adapt the steering and spraying control on the main handle and your ready to go. If you are about to refresh old lines then use VEZOS long pointer for exact covering.