RM 2.5 road marking kit - Adaptable to any vehicle


RM 2.5 truck mounted line striper

VEZOS RM 2.5 truck mounted line striping kit has become the newest trend in the marking industry. This entry level line marking unit can be adapted to any vehicle, including a retractable arm bracket and foldable chassis, automatic spray guns, pressurized bead tank, marking controller & HD camera kit.
The entire system is fully retractable, with a box type frame including the hydraulic system, paint pumps, HONDA engine & air compressor. 
The bracket can be placed on either side of the vehicle, simply by sliding it left or right on the rear beam.
RM arm bracket has a spring loaded system ensuring stable striping and shock absorbance during road marking applications.
Combine the line controller with VEZOS camera & monitor kit.  Control your artwork! Select line patters, monitor your material  consumption and life long job data.
Make road striping a one man job!
 Equipped with 1 or 2 HYDREX pumps
✓ Palletized frame (center lift point)
 TCS cooling technology
 Fully retractable
 82 mm/3.2" Wide glass bead tank inlet
 HD Compressor (4 gal/15 lit)
 Fully automatic control
 Monitor system
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