Airless R-LINEPACK VEZOS Striping Complete Pack Accessory Kit

SKU: 23.7001001  /  Product Availability: Yes  /   Manufacturer: VEZOS

Airless Sprayer Accessory - VEZOS Runner “R-LinePack” - is a brand-new innovation by VEZOS, transforming the Runner Airless Texture and Paint Sprayer into a striping machine in seconds. The “R-LinePack” can be attached to all Runner models, without any tools, offering contractors a hydraulic line striping unit by transforming their existing Runner Airless Sprayer and therefor saving the cost of purchasing a new additional unit.

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VEZOS with the Runner Hydraulic Airless Sprayers has managed to eliminate all competition in the airless industry, by designing and offering first to the construction market a hydraulic texture & paint sprayer that not only converts in power but also in application. One unit with several potentials! R-LinePack is a Runner Airless Accessory transforming the hydraulic texture and paint sprayer into a VEZOS line striping sprayer within seconds. No need to purchase an additional unit, VEZOS Runner and R-LinePack is a cost efficient solution to contractors that want to give a proper ending to the project they are working on.


icon Adaptable striping kit

icon Instant paint suction kit replacement - No tools needed

icon Restriping pointer

icon Foot break / Secure lock

icon Heavy duty cart

icon Removable gun for stenciling




Part Number 23.7001001
Dimensions 120*50*35 cm
R-LinePack Cart 1 piece
Steering Spray Control  1 piece
Paint Suction Kit 1 piece
Paint Hose 1/4" 15 m
Pointer Kit Long 1 piece
Gun Guard 1 piece
Gun Tip 2 pieces
Power Convert Available Kit



  linepack-runner-vezos-road-marking-accessory airless-paint-sprayer-hydraulic-striping-machine
Part Number 23.7001001 23.7002001
Dimensions 120x50x35 120x50x35
R-LinePack Cart 1 piece 1 piece
Steering Spray Control 1 piece 1 piece
Paint Suction Kit 1 piece Available
Paint Hose 1/4" 15 m Available
Pointer Kit long 1 piece Available
Gun Guard 1 piece Available
Gun Tip 2 pieces Available
Power Convert Available Kit Available Kit




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