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Transform - paint sprayer to line striper| Line Striping Kit



VEZOS RUNNER hydraulic airless sprayers have eliminated all competition in the airless industry, by designing and offering first to the construction market a hydraulic texture & paint sprayer that not only converts in power but also in application. One unit with several potentials!

The R-LinePack is a RUNNER airless accessory transforming the hydraulic texture and paint sprayer into a line striping sprayer within seconds.

No need to purchase an additional unit, VEZOS Runner and R-LinePack is a cost efficient solution to contractors that want to give a proper ending to the project they are working on.

After finishing the texture and paint job contractors can now offer their clients a perfect parking lot or road stencil marking without purchasing a separate unit.

Simply by transforming their existing Runner Sprayer with an easy to adapt accessory.

The R-LinePack clicks onto the Runner Airless Sprayer and locks without any extra tools.


 R-LinePack Highlights

Innovative Ideas

- Professional line striping

- 3 in 1 unit, cost efficient 

- Transform your business 

- Complete contractor equipment with one unit

- Hydraulic power

    line striping kit - vezos innovation 


R-LinePack Applications

- Parking Lots

- Local road marking

- Road stenciling / sigh marking

- School & Athletic fields marking



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