Walk Behind Line Striper PROSTRIPE 100 WB - 1 Gun Operation

SKU: 23.9410101  /  Product Availability: Yes  /   Manufacturer: VEZOS

Hydraulic Walk-Behind Line Striper PROSTRIPE 100

Line Striper PROSTRIPE 100 is contractor’s initial choice for parking lots & local roads striping.
Equipped with VEZOS powerful slow stroke hydraulic pump, working at 230 bar pressure & an 5.0 lit/min flow, the PROSTRIPE 100 offers hydraulic power in every aspect. VEZOS PROSTRIPE 100 has a unique foldable chassis, allowing this line striper to be easily transported in any vehicle & stored away without taking up space.For extra stability, the PROSTRIPE 100 has the largest front swivel wheel in the industry and an improved anti-vibration system, ensuring perfect straight line no matter the surface.

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Hydraulic Walk Behind Line Striper PROSTRIPE 100

PROSTRIPE 100 Hydraulic Line Striper is a new edition to the range. Equipped with VEZOS slow stroke hydraulic pump, this Basic edition is appropriate for road marking, with 1 or 2 guns. Foldable chassis for easy transportation & storage. Add VEZOS 68 lit paint hopper. Add VEZOS vibrated assisted bead hopper 21 lit.


icon Foldable chassis

icon XXL wheel for extra stability

icon Easy wheel alignment

icon TCS - Tunnel Cooling System

icon Easy angle front wheel selector

icon 6 ply industrial tires for long life durability




Part Number 23.9410101
PROSTRIPE Edition PS 100 1 GUN
PROSTRIPE Category Basic
Max Working Pressure 230 bar - 3350 psi
Max Flow 5.0 l/min - 1.3 gpm
Motor power HONDA 3.5 hp net*
in accordance SAE J1349 5.5 gross
Paint Gun -1 1 piece
Paint Gun -2 Optional
Foldable handle Included
Pointer 55cm Accessory
Bead Dispenser Accessory
Paint hopper 68lt - 18gal



  hydraulic-line-striper-vezos 200 Basic line striper 200 std vezos hydraulic-line-striper-300std
Part Number 23.9410101 23.9017410


Model PS 100 PS 200 PS 300
Max Pressure 230 bar - 3350 psi 230 bar - 3350 psi 240 bar - 3500 psi
Max Flow 5.0 l/min - 1.3 gpm 6.5 l/min - 1.7 gpm 8.5 l/min - 2.3 gpm
HONDA Motor 3.5 hp net 4.8 hp net 5.8 hp net
Paint Hopper 68lt - 18gal  68lt - 18gal 68lt - 18gal 
Paint Gun 1 1 piece 1 piece 1 piece
Paint Gun 2 Optional Optional Optional




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