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VEZOS has been active in the marine & shipping industry for five decades now, gaining the trust of the worlds largest marine companies. Well-know for it's deck scarifiers and pneumatic paint sprayers VEZOS has no hesitation when it comes to comparing prices & quality with any existing competition. 

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ProGrind 250 E5

Electric deck scarifiers 380 / 440 Volt
Interchangeable cutter beam
Working width: 225mm

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ProGrind 250 E4

Electric deck scarifiers 220 Volt
Chain, chisel, brush cutters
Dimensions: 60x110x115cm

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ProGrind 250 G

Gas deck scarifier 5.5 hp Honda
Weight: 90kg
Interchangable cutter beam

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ProGrind 120 E

Electric deck scarifiers 220 Volt
Working width: 120mm
Chain beam

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