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How to convert paint sprayer to line striper

As a painting contractor, you often get a multi task painting job request from your clients. For example, you are preparing a bid for a commercial building that includes applying texture and paint coatings. Your client has also pointed out that there is a parking lot area that he wishes you to line stripe too.

A common solution would be for you to purchase a heavy duty gas powered airless sprayer for the commercial buildings coating needs and then either purchase an additional airless line striper or go the classic and old fashion way and start marking and painting with a roll….

No need to worry, VEZOS offers a new and innovative solution for difficult painting tasks.
An airless paint sprayer that can easily convert into a line striping machine, yes this is possible!

See how:


  • R-LinePack Transformable line striping kit



Transform your hydraulic airless sprayer into a line striper with a simple kit. Save the cost of an extra unit!

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